If you are serious about curriculum intent then you are in the right place


Stedfast is an easy to use online system that helps all education and training providers to plan and manage their curriculum intent, implementation, impact, sequence and mapping.

As well as assessment and curriculum planning, Stedfast also offers modules to manage staff performance, CPD, policies and procedures and risk assessment.

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Curriculum intent is a framework for setting out the aims of a programme of education, including the knowledge and understanding gained at each stage.

Intent is about the ‘substance of education’: What do you want learners to know? How will programmes be sequenced? Does the curriculum provide learners with the building blocks of what they need to know and be able to do to succeed in each subject? How will you measure learner success?

Curriculum intent is the planning that takes place up until the point of delivery.

Curriculum Intent is not:

  • New statements
  • Adapting websites
  • Restructuring staff to cover intent

How well is your curriculum planned and sequenced?

Curriculum planning and sequencing is a vital part of all teaching and learning activities. It cannot be taken lightly as there is a clear link between developing a robust curriculum and achievement.

Curriculum planning has, until now, largely been done in isolation, using spreadsheets and Word documents. This has made it a time consuming task and limiting in the depth of analysis and planning required to deliver programmes.

We have developed Stedfast to support teachers and trainers to easily design subject curriculum plans. Using Stedast, teachers and trainers can create plans that set out the curriculum intent, implementation, impact, sequencing and mapping.

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What modules does Stedfast have?

Stedfast is an online application designed to support education and training providers with curriuclum planning and quality assurance

Assessment Plans

Assessment plans are designed to support education and training providers with their curriculum intent and impact measurement
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Curriculum Plans

Using the curriculum planning tools, education and training providers can sequence and check delivery through curriculum mapping
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Staff Performance Management

Education and training providers can manage staff performance by setting professional standards and KPI objectives.
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CPD Management

The CPD management module supports the management of all CPD activities. Easily track annual CPD records and align with development plans.
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Policies and Procedures

Collaboratively develop and manage organisational policies and procedures. Demonstrate procedures through visual work flow documents
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Risk Assessments

Manage safeguarding through conducting risk assessments for all areas of the organisation through collaboration and detailed analysis of potential concerns
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Stedfast really helps to focus on what needs to be delivered to learners and lets staff set the benchmarks for identifying success. The curriculum planning tools make it easy to plan what will be delivered over the course of the programme and the curriculum mapping tools make sure that all outcomes are covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use Stedfast?

Stedfast can be used by any organisation that needs to develop curriculum plans for teaching and learning. It can be used by schools, colleges, independent training providers, universities and professional trainers.

Is it complicated to use?

Stedfast is easy to use and is designed to reduce workload. We provide online support to organisations which can be easily booked by the system administrator.

How much does Stedfast cost?

We offer 3 different plans starting at just £100 per month. Organisations can take advantage of the 14 day free trial before they are charged which gives plenty of time to test the system.

In some cases we can also offer discounts for schools. To apply for this, use the school discount form on the pricing page.

Can I see an example of a school curriculum plan?

The best way to see a school curriculum plan is through an online demo. However, we have put together a simple example of a GCSE History curriculum plan.

Example GCSE Plan


Can I see an example of an apprenticeship curriculum plan?

The best way to see an apprenticeship curriculum plan is through an online demo. However, we have put together a simple example of a Digital Marketer curriculum plan.

Example Apprenticehsip Plan

How do I book a demo?

You can book a demo at a time to suit you by going to our contact page where you will find a booking calendar. An online demo typically takes around 30 minutes. There is no cost or commitment – it is just for us to show you Stedfast.


Let us have 30 minutes of your time and we will show you how Stedfast can supercharge your curriculum planning

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