Stedfast is an online application designed to support education and training providers with the development of programme performance assessment and curriculum planning.

Through using Stedfast, organisations will be able to easily demonstrate curriculum intent, implementation and impact.

Stedfast also provides organisations with quality assurance modules covering staff performance management, CPD, policies and procedures and risk assessment.

Empowering Education and Training Providers

We have developed a range of modules that empower education and training providers with their programme and curriculum planning and quality management. Our team of programme planning experts are on-hand to support you.

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Stedfast Modules

Assessment Plans

Assessment Plans

Assessment plans are used to set our outcomes in strategic or teaching and training programmes. They are used to set out curriculum intent and measure curriculum impact.

CPD Management

CPD Management

Manage and record CPD activities for all staff. Staff are able to request CPD activities from line managers. Check the number of hours per year for all staff.

Curriculum Plans

Curriculum Planning

Curriculum plans set out the learning, practice and assessment activities and align these with the learning outcomes. Users can check curriculum mapping and demonstrate sequencing.

Policies & Procedures

Policies & Procedures

Easily manage policies and procedures that are developed and managed collaboratively. Create flow diagrammes to visually show procedures. Record annual policy reviews.

Staff Performance

Staff Performance

Organisations can manage staff performance by setting objectives, aligning them to professional standards and CPD and conducting staff appraisals.

Risk Asssessments

Risk Assessments

Organisations can collaboratively create and manage risk assessments. These can be used for all areas of delivery. Users can create risk assessment action plans and print reports.


Key Benefits of Stedfast

  • Easily develop programme and curriculum plans
  • Measure and improve delivery
  • Align staff performance to professional standards and objectives
  • Record CPD activities
  • Develop and maintain policies and procedures
  • Risk assess all areas of the organisation and delivery
  • Online and collaborative
  • Low costs and easy to use

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Stedfast has been developed by a team of staff  who have worked in teaching and apprenticeship delivery. It originally started as a project to make self assessment reporting and quality improvement plan simpler. We have now developed it further to support education and training providers with programme and curriculum planning.


Stedfast is web based making it easy for users to access it from any computer, at any time


No one can guarantee a successful OfSTED inspection but Stedfast will help you prepare for one

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